League of Legends


In 2018 NSG absorbed the ex-Ferocity esports team who will now be our new League of Legends team. With 21 LAN wins in Ireland over the course of their playing days, they are the most decorated team in Ireland with Ferocity dominating the scene for close to 3 years and plan to continue to dominate under the NSG banner!

Xizz3l / Top Lane

Gerrit Ulrigch

xJ / Jungle

Jake Gorman

Zoinkers / Mid

Dano White

Voyna / ADC

Alex Halenko

Blaise / Support

Joe McGreevy


We've come a long way in the last few months and we like to showcase it. Our digital trophy case is here for our League of Legends team!

1st Place

First place at QCon Belfast 2018 defeating Phelan Gaming very convincing fashion in the finals!